Okay, so I forgot to put in my bio my facebook url bc I use a facebook page and rarely go on my profile but the page url is /arozbelle I use that more than anything at the moment so, yeah. Also I post a lot of updates on there. Just a head’s up. :)

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    Color My Inbox

  •  Red ~ I'm in love with you.
  •   Orange ~ I think I love you.
  •   Yellow ~ I think you're amazing.
  •   Green ~ I find you mildly attractive.
  •   Blue ~ You're beautiful.
  •   Purple ~ You're hot.
  •   Plum ~ I would date you.
  •   Violet ~ I would fuck you.
  •   Rose ~ I would build a fort with you.
  •   Aqua ~ I would share my cookies with you.
  •   Amber ~ I want to know more about you.
  •   Cream ~ Let's get coffee.
  •   Brown ~ I want to hug you.
  •   Olive ~ I don't find you attractive in the slightest.
  •   Grey ~ I wish I had never followed you.
  •   Black ~ Delete your Tumblr.
  •   White ~ FB, Yahoo, or some other means of contacting you please.

*watches interview*

*only pay attention to tyler in the background*

my life tbh

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reminder: my life is full of everything that isn’t social and relaxing.

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best fucking thing ever.

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Anonymous asked: who died in teen wolf tonight?
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tbh my fave scene in the finale was when void stiles asked the guy to page melissa and ya’know the rest.

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